You will be assimilated…

“What about 2pm on Tuesday?”
“Yep, that’s fine, I’ve put it in my calendar. See you on Tuesday.”
“Great! See you on Tuesday. I’ll send you a calendar invite.”
“There’s no need – it’s in my calendar already.”
“Great! Thanks.”
<PING!> Calendar invite
Next day: “Dear Al, I’m sending another calendar invite in case you didn’t get the last one.”
<PING!> Calendar invite
Next day: “Hi Al, did you get the calendar invite?”
“Yes, both of them. But I didn’t need them – It’s in my calendar already.”
“Only you didn’t respond to the invite, so I was just ringing to confirm that we’re still on for Tuesday.”
“Yes, it’s in my calendar already.”
“Oh. Sorry – I didn’t see it. Hold on a moment…”
<PING!> Calendar invite
“Please stop sending calendar invites – it’s in my calendar already.”
“Why don’t I see it?”
“Because it’s MY calendar. I don’t use calendar invites.”
“Yes, but if you don’t respond to the calendar invite, then your name doesn’t appear on my calendar.”
“Why don’t you just write it in yourself?”
“Well.. because then it wouldn’t be.. er.. it would be a separate thing. Can’t you just respond to the invite?”
“No. That’ll launch a program that I don’t like and create a duplicate entry in the program I do like and I’ll never look at it again so there’s no point.”
“But it’ll put your name in the calendar.”

Goodbye flexible working methods; goodbye diversity; goodbye agility and innovation; welcome to the new Microsoft Way. Resistance is futile.

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